FASA 365 Day 141, Geiser Grabber. Up to 50 yards width at the base. Tentacles… Miles? Unsure of full stretch potential.
Ever thought about what lies beneath a Geisers, or that large crack in the ground, or the heat source of that ‘Hot Spring’? Well, this could be your answer.
One Observed feeding method: The Geiser erupts, warm soothing waters attract prey. The tentacles slowly blindly reach out. With a highly developed sense of touch, they stretch out searching for prey.
When any of the tentacles feel life; ALL tentacles react. The one with the prey grabs ahold while ALL tentacle begin to retract back into the hole; assisting in the pull when they come in contact with the prey, and its down the hole it goes.
Since the hole itself is often a long way down and rocky; the prey is FORCED through a brutal, tight, and bone breaking trip. Or in other words the meat is well and truly… ‘tenderized’ before reaching the gaping maw of the creature below.
The Creature itself is one born of molten rock. Life, or biology, or science finds a way.
It feeds, digests, and excretes a chemistry of super heated fluids that create the heated waters.
The water erupts and dilutes in surface waters, creating the hot springs. Which means if you’ve ever enjoyed the waters of a hot springs, you are swimming in… well, I think you understand.