FASA 365 Day 192, Ravus Aranea (Grizzly Spider) 20-25ft. Venomous from all muzzle fangs, both minor and major sets.
It does spin a web… of sorts. Strong enough to ensnare and stop a charging bull moose, It sprays its webbing rather than spinning. When it urinates, of course.
Unlike a spider, the Ravus Aranea, does not suck the blood from its victims. It devours its prey. Powerful jaws sever and crush the muscle, tendon, and bone. And the stomach acids are some of the most corrosive ever recorded.
Leaving only one question: With 10 legs, not 8, as a standard arachnid; does the Ravus Aranea truly count as a spider?

Artists Note: How’s THIS big hairy spider fit in the Spider-verse?