FASA 365 Day 169, Retrorsum bestia, (Bass-ackwards Beast). 25-30 ft. Amphibious. Herbivore, Found in or near pools made by waterfalls.
For Reference… The head, in this sketch, IS facing forward. The chest plate, or back armor (depending on your point of view) is thick and heavy and seemingly impervious. The fins down its spine are equipped with sharp sturdy quills to protect the neck.
You may be wondering, how does it eat and drink?
Being amphibious, It can drink and eat while swimming,
On land, the neck can pivot to near 180° when foraging trees and plants. However, it cannot swallow in that position as the esophagus is constricted in the pivoted position.
As for drinking, on land, well, most would assume it positions itself in some manner of “handstand”. No, not the case.
The reason it lives near waterfalls is for drinking necessities. It backs into waterfalls, and turns its head back and forth. Filling its mouth with water and then around again to swallow.
In dire situations, it has been known to drink the morning dew off large plants. And, of course, there’s always heavy rains. But these are not reliable or sustainable water sources.
Artists Note: Ok, now I’m just gettin’ silly.