FASA 365 Day 187, Ululatus Simiae Saltu Inverso, (Inverted Howling Jungle Ape). 6-8 ft outstretched. Vegetarian.
Found high in the humid jungle canopy.
Not aggressive like a baboon, but will defend itself. First, by a LOUD high pitch howling. And then physically if necessary.
NOT a bat nor a sloth. However, it does spend 99% of its time hanging from its feet. Upside down. Picking the “high” growing fruit.

Adventurers note: The only real time to avoid the inverted howler is when it appears “upright”. Why?
Ask yourself, if you were upside down and felt the call of nature,
would you want it running down.. up… would you want it dribbling toward your head? No you wouldn’t. Neither would it.
So, if you see the animal upright, it would be best to NOT be directly beneath it.