FASA 365 Day 189 Carcerem Venato, (Dungeon Guide or Tracker)

There you are. The last surviving member of your party. Surrounded by all manner of demon, ghoul, and carnivorous beastie. They are closing in. In the distance you see the remains of an old church.

Remains is a generous description. it is one corner of the buildings east wall. But it’s all the cover you can find, so you gather your strength and run toward it.

You reach the pile of rocks that was once this cities place of worship and lean back, but not too heavily. You wouldn’t want to push over the last remnants of this forgotten, forsaken temple. Nor your only place to hide.

You stand there in the shadow of the wall and take stock of what you have left to work with. No arrows for your bow. No swords or daggers as they were abandoned in the carcass of the first monster.

Realizing the hopelessness of the situation, you begin to laugh. Slowly at first… it’s a desperate, mad laugh. Without joy, only tears.

You’re out of weapons, out of friends, out of options, out of breath and out of luck.

Feeling a tap on the toe of your boot, You look down and see THIS.

It speaks?!?

It is a guttural, gruesome noise that escapes its… lips. But indeed, it speaks.

“I am Venato. I can lead you to safety. I know a way… Follow.”

It skitters away on the fingers that are now its legs. Attached by some ungodly magics to the wrists and bits of forearm that spine up into the base of the skull.

As it reaches the base of the crumbling pulpit, it turns, once more, and speaks; with more urgency….


Well, Adventurer? Do you follow?

Artists Note: The whole time I was working on this one, I couldn’t get a certain tune outta my head. The Tune?… Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can….