FASA 365 Day 190, Rag n’ Bone Man. Dark Fae. For the 1879 Game line.
For some time now, in the cities and towns of England; there are the Rag n’Bone men.
Think door to door pick up and disposal of the broken, un needed, and un wanted things in the home.
Garbage men? Ok, but not the everyday garbage. They do not deal in refuse or slop… that’s a different guy.
ANYWAY… Parents have been known to keep their children in line by Telling the tale of the terrible Rag N’Bone Man, with the warning.
“If you don’t start mindin’ me, I’m gonna give you away to the “Rag n’ Bone Man”. He will work you night and day, and whip you to sleep every night.”
Well, this led to terrifying screams whenever one of these harmless junk dealers would drive his cart through the streets.
Children dashing behind their mothers skirts, Clinging to them for dear life. Begging.
“PLEASE, Mummy, don’t give me away to the Rag n’ Bone Man!!”
Well, when magic came back to the world, so did THE ORIGINAL “Rag N’Bone Man” A Dark Fae creature who is the basis of the dark and ancient wives tale. Dealing particularly in naughty little children. Never leaving until they get what they came for.
So, Mothers and Fathers, be warned, do not threaten your children idly or the next words you hear may be, “Rag N’Bone Man mum. I’m here for the child.”