FASA 365 Day 191, Armis Cristati Magni Lacerti, (Armor Crested Great Lizard) 150ft length. 50-60ft tall

The discoverer of the species, Dr. Melvin Slyver, considers himself the unparalleled authority on naming new species and as such, is a legendary, hard line purist on the matter.

(Taken from the field notes of Dr. Melvin Slyver, 1879.)
Note : Named as a “lizard” not a dragon. Ssimply stated. the Magni Lacerti is “wingless”, and therefore does not qualify to the lofty status of “Dragon”.

Now then, magical beasts like dragons are quite intelligent and have the ability to read what’s being written about themselves. It was at this point that the famous Dr. Slyver became noted for a separate remarkable accomplishment.

Dr. Melvin Slyver, the first human being EVER to have broken every bone in his body… and lived.

The full body cast may hold the record for longest casting time for the procedure, but nobody thought to clocking it, at the time.